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Snuba Diving at Mexico Rocks

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2.5 hours


An unforgettable snuba dive at Mexico Rocks, a Belize National Park!

Take a journey into the magical world of the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world! Discover over 100 species of coral and over 500 species of fish as you explore this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We begin our trip at Mexico Rocks, where the clear, shallow waters offer incredible views of a diverse range of ocean life. With a maximum depth of only twelve feet, these calm waters are also perfect for beginner divers! This dive also includes a stop to snorkel at Tres Cocos, located on the inside of the barrier reef. Swim alongside eagle rays, turtles, and tropical fish during this unforgettable tour!

Snuba diving is the ideal choice for beginners, who can to discover the wonders of the barrier reef without any previous experience! A perfect cross between scuba diving and snorkeling, snuba allows you to explore the depths of the ocean without the hassle of an air tank.

Join us at Seaquarius Adventures and experience the incredible Belize Barrier Reef on a snuba diving adventure!