Belize Snuba - Go Beyond Snorkeling!

If you are looking for an underwater adventure without the hassle of becoming a certified diver, then Belize Snuba is for you!

SNUBA diving in Belize is the safest and easiest way to combine the thrill of Scuba diving with the ease of snorkeling. SNUBA allows you to descend as deep as 20 feet with no prior experience. You can explore the crystal clear waters and vivid coral reefs while you “hang out” with colorful tropical species.

SNUBA is an underwater activity for the family, starting from eight years old and above.

SNUBA diving in Belize is a wonderful experience with unsurpassed adventure. You are not restricted to that one breath of air from the surface. With SNUBA, you go deeper and stay longer. You will breathe effortlessly with time to truly explore the environment and marine animals around you.

When you join our SNUBA adventure, the wide variety of tropical fish is just one attraction that makes SNUBA adventure a one-of-a-kind experience.

Take a journey into the world of the Belize Barrier Reef, as you cruise along the vibrant display of marine life. During your SNUBA dive, you may have close encounters with turtles, eagle rays, and exotic fish. Residing peacefully on the coral reef, these marine turtles often swim close to our SNUBA divers to get a closer look. Curious and gentle, the turtles are a protected marine animal found along our reefs.

SNUBA diving in Belize is a family adventure, and a unique adventure to share with friends.  Whether you opt for a SNUBA, Belize Sea-trek or Snorkeling excursion you will enjoy the incredible photo ops and be one with the marine underworld with any of these adventures!

What is included in our Belize Snuba Tour?

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PARK FEE of US$10 per person NOT Included

Duration: 2.5 hours for this tour
Price: US$78 per person plus 12.5% General Sales Tax

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